Double Choc Protein Cookies

If you follow my daily antics on Snapchat, you may have seen these cookies appear in my kitchen over and over again. It took me quite a few tests to get the recipe right - baking with whey protein powder is a challenge because it drys everything out when it's heated - but I got there in the end and love the result!

Cookie Crumble Parfait

Lately, I've been testing some new cookie recipes but I've had a couple of failed attempts (no one wants a dry cookie). So what happens to the trays of failed cookies? I find myself faced with three issues: (i) I can't bring myself to waste food by throwing them out; (ii) my partner won't touch them and I'm not about to give crappy cookies to my friends; and (iii) I don't really want to push through and eat them all myself. So then what?

Peanut Caramel Squares

When I'm playing around in the kitchen developing recipes, I take notes in my little black notebook. I usually just jot down ingredients and quantities and come up with a title later on. I was flipping through my notebook the other night and came across my notes for these little peanut caramel squares, which I had totally forgotten about! I'd even taken photos on my camera!

Dairy-free Mocha Mousse

Who doesn't love a smooth and velvety chocolate mousse? I certainly do and I think this mocha version flavoured with coffee and cacao is my new favourite. As the title suggests, the mousse doesn't contain any dairy, so there's no cream like a traditional mousse. I use avocado instead to create a thick and creamy texture. Let me explain.