A Hidden Escape on Satellite Island

I had never heard of Satellite Island a few weeks ago. Probably because it's an isolated, private island located off the coast of Bruny Island, which is off the coast of mainland Tasmania (so it's an island off an island off an island). When I found out that I was going to be doing an outdoorsy photoshoot there with Lululemon, I googled it and got VERY excited.

Raw Rocky Road

Most of Melbourne is currently watching the footy grand final. It's a pretty big deal in Melbourne, but I don't really follow the AFL so I'm currently on my couch writing up this blog post. In retrospect, I should've put this post up earlier because I reckon this Raw Rocky Road would've been a perfect snack for those watching the game (if you wanted an alternative to the usual chips, party pies and lollies).  

Double Choc Protein Cookies

If you follow my daily antics on Snapchat, you may have seen these cookies appear in my kitchen over and over again. It took me quite a few tests to get the recipe right - baking with whey protein powder is a challenge because it drys everything out when it's heated - but I got there in the end and love the result!