Fig + Orange Muesli Bars

I've been trying to come up with a baked muesli bar recipe for a while now. I wanted to keep them vegan/egg-free/nut-free (as requested by a few readers) and low in sugar, so many of my attempts ended up way too crumbly. After experimenting with a few different baking processes, I finally ended up with these. The scent of zesty orange when they come out of the oven is so good!

Matcha Fudge

If you love a creamy fudge but want to skip all the sugar and processed oils, you have to try this. It's so easy to make and perfect to keep in the fridge for when you want a treat! I flavoured this one with a hint of matcha powder and then drizzled it with dark chocolate and cacao nibs for a bit of crunch when you bite in.

Grain-free Porridge

The weather has been so cold in Melbourne recently (Spring has definitely not sprung), so I thought it would be fitting to share a porridge recipe. This is a grain-free porridge that I originally developed for the INDAH blog (created by my beautiful friend Teisha). It's perfect for those frosty mornings when you want something a little bit sweet and comforting.

A Hidden Escape on Satellite Island

I had never heard of Satellite Island a few weeks ago. Probably because it's an isolated, private island located off the coast of Bruny Island, which is off the coast of mainland Tasmania (so it's an island off an island off an island). When I found out that I was going to be doing an outdoorsy photoshoot there with Lululemon, I googled it and got VERY excited.