Hey, my name is Lilian (Lilian Dikmans if you like full names).

It's hard for me to succinctly describe what I do these days. To summarise, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and work as a model, an actor on occasion, recipe developer and digital content creator. I also fight and train Muay Thai, boxing and used to be a lawyer. A relatively unconventional mix, but these are the things I love.

After finishing high school, I balanced my modelling career while studying law and commerce at university. After graduating, I secured a job as a corporate lawyer at a top Melbourne law firm. Watching many of my colleagues struggle with their wellbeing, and experiencing the challenges of looking after my own health while leading a demanding lifestyle, I decided that something had to change. So after 4 years of corporate life, I left my job to launch this blog.

I believe in eating real, nutrient-dense foods most of the time and allowing myself to have a treat now and then (because that's part of life). I also love to make healthier versions of my favourite treats so that I can enjoy something indulgent without the sugar crash afterwards (you’ll find a bunch of those recipes here on the blog).

So dive in and have a read – I hope you enjoy.