What's New?...Pop-up Pilates with Steph Prem


It was 6:15am when I rocked up to Winter Olympian Steph Prem's Premium Performance pop-up Pilates studio to try out her bootcamp class. I'd downed a shot of leftover cold drip from my fridge before leaving the house (too early to show my pillow-creased face in a cafe) and was waiting for the caffeine to kick in. I was feeling pretty tired and stale. 

However, within about a minute of meeting Steph, her energy started to rub off. She says herself that she has a "severe case of chronic enthusiasm", which is exactly what you need at 6:30am in the morning. 

After welcoming the group to the studio and checking whether anyone had any injuries, we started out with some (much needed) foam rolling. Man, my quads were sore. Then it was into the circuit, which involved a range of Pilates moves, bodyweight exercises and TRX suspension work. By the end of the class, I felt more supple, balanced and energised.


Steph is a professional snowboarder, but after suffering a career-ending back injury she rebuilt her career as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She's been training clients around Melbourne's parks and beaches for a while, but has recently opened up her pop-up studio. The studio is a gorgeous little loft above a clothing store on Chapel Street. There's no gym equipment, just Pilates props, TRX straps, a boxing bag and a ballet barre. Which is really all you need.


Verdict: Whilst I wasn't dripping in sweat, the class provided a full body workout with a focus on proper technique and core stability. If you have an injury, Steph will tailor the workout to suit your needs. And thanks to Steph's personality, you'll leave the class with a smile on your face.

You can find out more about Steph and Premium Performance at www.premium-performance.com

Whilst I was invited to attend Steph's bootcamp class for free, this review is my own opinion.

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