A 'Booty' Workout at Total Reformation

On Saturday morning, I started my day with the killer 'Bayside Booty' class at Total Reformation's health and wellbeing studio in Brighton. And before I get into the details, let me tell you that 48 hours later my booty is still burning (in the best way!).

Doing the 'tornado' and fun on the TRX.

The Total Reformation studio was founded by two amazing functional trainers/health experts: Teisha Lowry and Darren Cox. (Teisha and I used to model together when we were younger and we've stayed in touch because she's an absolute legend and such an inspiration). I'd been dying to try out their Booty class for ages, and it certainly delivered!

As they say in the class description:

This ‘well rounded’ session will teach you how to activate one of your most important ‘ASSets’ for performance and injury prevention.

With all the Muay Thai and boxing training that I do, I've ended up with a stronger right side of my body (due to my fight stance). So I'm learning that it's really important for me to balance this out with some exercises that split the body in half and force my left side to lift it's game. Glute activation is also a must, so the Booty class was perfect!

We started out with some foam rolling and trigger point release to get things firing, then it was a range of functional movements using body weight, TRX straps and resistance bands. Although you don't end up dripping in sweat, my glutes (and legs and abs for that matter) were burning and working hard. Tick! I also loved that the class ended with a short meditation, so I left feeling super-refreshed and ready to enjoy my weekend.

Absolutely loved it and can't wait to get back for another class!

One-arm pull ups on the TRX (they're harder than they look)!

You can find out more at totalreformation.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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