Beauty Benefits of Banana Peel


We all know that bananas are good for us. But what about the peel? The peel actually contains a heap of beneficial nutrients (so much so, that some people eat it). It has also been widely used throughout history to heal and rejuvenate skin. 

The antioxidants within the banana peel are said to help purify the skin and reduce irritation. It is also said to have natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. From face masks to brighten and moisturise to DIY blemish treatments, banana peel has featured in a host of natural skin home remedies. Anecdotally, many have found that rubbing banana peel on their skin has helped to reduce inflammation, manage psoriasis, control acne, remove warts, soften wrinkles and improve skin tone.

But if you'd prefer to avoid walking around with a banana peel taped to your face, Natural Evolution has developed a skin care range using banana peel extract. The extract is made from fermented banana peel, providing a concentrated source of the peel's beneficial antioxidants. They sent me the range to test out, which I've reviewed below.

Just to let you know, this is a sponsored post. However, what I write is my own opinion and I only recommend products that I have personally used and would recommend to my family and friends. You can read my policy on sponsored posts here.

 The Banana Ointment.

The Banana Ointment.


The Evolve skin care range comprises a purifying moisturiser, beauty mist and beauty bar. All of the products are made with banana peel extract and are suitable for all skin types. They also do a Banana Ointment, which can be used on humans or animals to help heal minor burns, cuts and abrasions, skin rashes and irritations.

Evolve Purifying Moisturiser:

The moisturiser (pictured in the yellow pot above) has a light gel-like texture, so it provided moisture without feeling heavy or oily on my face. It has a slightly fruity smell and spreads really well so you only need to use a very small amount. It was really hydrating and made my skin feel fresh. I liked it best applied around my eye area. 

Evolve Beauty Mist:

The mist (pictured in the spray bottle above) would be handy to keep in your handbag. I actually kept it next to my desk at home and sprayed it on my face throughout the day when I needed a boost. I think it would be great to take on the plane for long-haul flights to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

Evolve Beauty Bar: 

The beauty bar lathers up quite a lot and cleans the skin well. It can be used on the body and the face, but I preferred to use it on my body. It doesn't have much of a smell, so it doesn't leave a scent on your skin.

Banana Ointment: 

The ointment (pictured in the black pot above) has a subtle banana-like smell. It's quite thick, so a little goes a long way. I burnt the top of my hand on the oven (trying to take out a tray of cookies in a rush) so I put some of the ointment on the burn. It was instantly soothing and I was surprised at how quickly it took the swelling down. I also used it on some little cuts that I had on my leg, and I felt like it helped them heal faster. 

Overall, I loved the range. The Banana Ointment in particular was a standout. I'll be using it on any cuts or skin irritations from now on!

For pricing and more information about the range, head over to the Natural Evolution website.

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