Boxing in Los Angeles

As the popularity of boxing is growing amongst the general public, boxing gyms are becoming ubiquitous. They are popping up on every corner here in Australia and the same thing is happening in the United States.

When I was over in Los Angeles earlier this year, I wanted to keep up my training. Although it was hard to find good Muay Thai gyms, there was no shortage of places to get in a boxing workout. It can be tricky to find gyms with good coaches, but thankfully I had been given a couple of recommendations.

Boxing training experience

The first gym I visited was Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, owned by Freddie Roach. It’s open Monday to Saturday and you can train there casually for a daily fee of $5. Not bad if you just want to hit the bags. While I was there, I also did some pad work with one of the trainers, Pepe Reilly, and then finished off on the speed bags.

I was also fortunate enough to train with former IBO welterweight champion Chris “The Heat” van Heerden from South Africa. His passion for boxing was second to none and I learned so much from him. During pad work, we focused a lot on footwork and defensive movement around the ring. Being light on my toes is something that I need to work on so it was an invaluable experience.

We trained at Box N Burn gym in Santa Monica, which was a cool space. They offer a range of classes that are worth checking out if you're in the area.

Earlier this year training with @pepereillybox in LA ... finishing on the speed bag 🥊

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