Cookie Crumble Parfait

Cookie Crumble Parfait
Cookie Crumble Parfait

Lately, I’ve been testing some new cookie recipes but I’ve had a couple of failed attempts (no one wants a dry cookie). So what happens to the trays of failed cookies? I find myself faced with three issues: (i) I can’t bring myself to waste food by throwing them out; (ii) my partner won’t touch them and I’m not about to give crappy cookies to my friends; and (iii) I don’t really want to push through and eat them all myself. So then what?

I salvage the cookies by adding a few extra ingredients to make these Cookie Crumble Parfaits! No one will ever know they contain failed cookies (unless they read this blog).

I haven’t given exact quantities in the recipe so you can adjust the layers to suit your chosen serving glasses. It’s very adaptable to whatever you’re trying to salvage. Baked items that turn out too dry, too crumbly or have gone a bit stale work well. If you don’t have any failed baking experiments (well done!) and still want to make the parfaits, you can just use your favourite cookies, cake, brownies etc. Anything that you can crumble up really.

I like to keep the sugar content low, so I use unsweetened, full-fat cream and 90% cacao dark chocolate to complete the parfait. My failed cookies weren’t sweet at all so I also added a small drizzle of rice malt syrup to sweeten them up slightly.

If your cookies are already sweet, you can leave out the syrup. Another nice addition, if you have them, would be some fresh berries. Just add them into the layers. And if you don’t eat dairy, you can use coconut yoghurt in place of the whipped cream.

Cookie Crumble Parfait
Cookie Crumble Parfait

Cookie Crumble Parfait

Serves 2


  • Gluten-free cookies (I used 4 large ones)
  • 3 teaspoons rice malt syrup, pure maple syrup or honey (optional)
  • Full-fat cream or coconut yoghurt (I used about 300ml full-fat cream)
  • Dark (at least 85% cocoa) chocolate (I used 50g Lindt 90% dark chocolate)


  1. Crumble up the cookies into a bowl. Drizzle over your desired sweetener (if the cookies aren’t already sweet) and mix to spread the sweetener through the cookie crumbs. Roughy chop the dark chocolate.
  2. If using cream, whip it with electric beaters until soft peaks form. Be careful not to over whip the cream. You want it to stay smooth and velvety. Make sure you use full-fat cream as ‘light’ or ‘reduced-fat’ creams don’t whip well. (If using coconut yogurt, you don’t have to whip it).
  3. Select two small serving glasses and spoon an even layer of the cookie mixture over the bottom of each glass. Top with a sprinkling of the chopped dark chocolate and then spoon over an even layer of the whipped cream. Repeat this process until all of the ingredients are used up. I like to finish with a layer of crumble and chocolate so the top looks pretty.
  4. Enjoy straight away or store in the fridge until ready to serve.

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