Feel Good Food Packs: Delivering healthy food to people in need


When I found out about the work undertaken by Melbourne-based non-profit organisation Feel Good Food Packs, I was so excited to get involved and spread the word. Based on the philosophy that everyone deserves access to healthy food, their amazing team pulls together healthy snack packs and distributes them to people experiencing homelessness.

The packs are designed with rough sleepers in mind i.e. people who don't have accommodation and are forced to sleep on the streets. This is such a widespread issue, which I strongly believe we need to address as a community. I always think, if I was forced to live on the streets, what would I appreciate? Some nourishing and filling food would certainly be something I'd value.

Each pack is made up of three to five snacks, all made with quality, highly nutritious ingredients. They usually consist of things like trail mix, a fruit and nut bar, jerky, a healthy chocolate or an energy ball (the photo above shows the contents of a sample pack). The aim is that when someone receives a pack, they get a boost of nutrition and hopefully feel better for it. 

Feel Good Food Packs currently distribute the packs with One Voice in their mobile shower bus, so when someone has a warm and safe shower they can also grab a pack of healthy food to take with them. They also go out on street outreach with other charities like Pets of the Homeless and Anonymous X

 According to Sean Thornton, Founder and CEO of Melbourne charity Anonymous X:

"The nutrition in the packs is crucial and the people we work with don't have access - financially or otherwise - to these foods, so if we can get them out to people in need, it's going to make a huge difference to their lives and health."

We can all help by:

  • donating some healthy snacks (which Feel Good Food Packs will distribute to those in need);

  • buying their fundraising recipe book (filled with healthy recipes!), from which 100% of the profits are used to provide the packs; and

  • spreading the word on your social media.

I think this is such a fantastic idea and I strongly encourage you to check out the organisation and get involved in any way you can!

You can find out more at feelgoodfoodpacks.com.