Notel ... like no hotel you've ever been to

How often can you say that you spent the night in a caravan perched on the rooftop of a Melbourne city car park? Notel (Not-A-Hotel) really is a different experience. 

Notel owner James (it's a family owned and run business) created the concept because he was sick of the standard hotel drill of lobbies and check-in counters. Notel's speak-easy style entry (the check-in notes state "if you can’t find the entrance try a bit harder before you call us...roller doors don’t always roll") and 'air key' delivery via an app make the arrival and check-in process feel like you're a special agent on a secret mission.


Once you find your way up to the rooftop, you're greeted by the unusual sight of six chrome airstream trailers sitting on red astroturf and surrounded by neighbouring high rise buildings. Each airstream has been completely refitted as urban-style accomodation with a luxurious double bed, organic bamboo lyocell sheets (I'm getting some asap for home), full height shower, wifi and an iPad Pro loaded up with (free) Netflix. You can even book the 'Airstream with Benefits' for the added bonus of a private open air spa.

 View from the airstream.

View from the airstream.


I loved it. If you're looking to stay in the Melbourne CBD and want something a bit different, you have to check it out. You won't be disappointed (however as James says, "if you're expecting normal, cancel your reservation, and book in at The Hilton").

For more info, head to their website