Raspberry Coconut Chia Parfait

Raspberry Coconut Chia Parfait
Raspberry Coconut Chia Parfait

This chia parfait is perfect for breakfast on warm summer mornings. It’s made up of layers of coconutty chia pudding, crunchy activated buckwheat groats and juicy raspberries. The range of textures makes it extra delicious.

I developed the recipe for Bare Blends and it couldn’t be easier to make. It’s basically just an assembly job, which can be done the night before.

If you don’t have activated buckwheat groats – activated just means that they have been soaked and then dried at a low temperature to make them easier to digest – you could use your favourite granola instead. I would just recommend something crunchy.

Fresh raspberries can be quite expensive, especially if you’re buying organic ones. My tip would be to look for frozen organic raspberries, which are often sold in bulk in the freezer section of health food shops and grocery stores. They’re usually a lot cheaper and I actually enjoy eating them while still frozen.

Raspberry Coconut Chia Parfait

Serves 1


  • 2 x 20ml tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 x 20ml tablespoons vanilla whey protein powder (I used Bare Blends Vanilla Bean WPI)
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • Handful of raspberries
  • Handful of activated buckwheat groats or a crunchy granola


  1. Place the chia seeds, protein powder and coconut milk in a bowl, stirring well to combine. Leave in the fridge for about an hour or overnight – the chia seeds will soak up the liquid to thicken the mixture to a pudding consistency.
  2. To serve, layer the chia pudding with the buckwheat or granola and raspberries in a glass.
  3. It’s best eaten straight away or you can prepare it the night before to enjoy the next morning.


I use an Australian 20ml tablespoon. 1 x 20ml tablespoon = 4 teaspoons.

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