Real Food for a Healthy Body: How I fuel myself

A lot of people ask me what I eat. The truth is that it keeps evolving as I learn more about what works for my body and lifestyle. I have to make sure that I eat well to keep up with my modelling work and Muay Thai training, but even for a more sedentary lifestyle, the food we eat is so important for general health and wellbeing. This is why I started my blog, Real Food Healthy Body, back in 2014.

Around this time, I was on my own personal quest to achieve better health. I read extensively on topics such as how certain foods affect the human body and experimented with a number of different approaches. The blog grew from my desire to share what I was learning and the recipes that I was creating for myself along the way.

Tracking calories and macronutrients isn’t something that I personally do. Instead, I prefer to simply follow a few basic principles:

Eat nutrient-dense foods

Wholefoods that are ‘close to the source’ are generally higher in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and essential to keep my energy levels high. When I cook for myself, I try to incorporate a wide range of vegetables and when eating out, I chose places that have lots of healthy options (Grill’d is a regular for me).

Avoid processed foods

Highly processed foods like cakes, white bread and soft drinks are effectively ‘empty calories’ and devoid of nutrients, so they don’t do your body any favours. I eat them occasionally, purely for enjoyment (because we can’t be healthy ALL the time).

Include a source of protein, carbohydrate and fat in each meal

For me, I need a mixture of all three macronutrients to feel satisfied. Although I don’t track specific amounts, I always include a serve of protein, some good fats like avocado, nuts or olive oil and I adjust my starchy carbohydrate intake depending on my training volume and how I feel. Vegetables are my favourite carbohydrate source, but I also like to eat rice and quinoa when I need more energy.


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