Spinning with Adidas X Bodhi & Ride

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing a spin class at Bodhi & Ride to test out some new Adidas gear. It was an early morning session so I was a bit tired on arrival, but by the end of it I was full of energy and ready to get stuck into my day! 

I hadn't done a spin class for a while, so I was a bit rusty on the whole cycling thing, but the class was a lot more than just pedalling away.

It was actually a total body workout incorporating hand weights to work your upper body, high intensity intervals to get your fitness up and a whole lot of core stabilisation throughout. 

I was already dripping in sweat after the warm up (not kidding, but I do sweat a lot), so I opted to go tops off with just my Adidas crop (which was actually really supportive for a crop top!). The leggings also worked well as the fabric is really lightweight and the mesh panels on the backs of the knees kept things nice and ventilated. 

 Wearing  Adidas  Future Tribe Tight, Racer Back Bra and Pure Boost X Shoes

Wearing Adidas Future Tribe Tight, Racer Back Bra and Pure Boost X Shoes


For me, the best part about the class was the pumping music, club vibe (complete with lasers and dark lighting, so no need to feel self-conscious) and super-energetic instructor (Alaina) who had us all pushing our hardest. Exactly what I needed to wake up. 

Really looking forward to getting back for another class!

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