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Best faces sunscreens

Favorite face sunscreens for outdoor training

One of the best things about summer is the ability to train outdoors. While I've been in Perth over the holiday period, I have loved getting out of the gym and running by the...
HydraFacial results

HydraFacial, review and results

There are so many beauty treatments out there, some effective and others not so much. But as someone who experienced acne in the past, I'm always keen to test out new skin...
Lilian Dikmans VersaClimber workout

VersaClimber cardio workout, Melbourne

Last month, I discovered a new cardio machine. The VersaClimber. It's a cardio machine that mimics a vertical climbing motion. Kind of like a never-ending ladder, with resistance so it's harder to climb. It...
How to beat bloating

How to beat bloating

If you’ve tried to beat bloating and can’t work out exactly what causes it, I feel your pain. I used to suffer from terrible bloating, to the point where I’d look pregnant. It would...
Recipe hacks for a low sugar smoothie

Recipe hacks for a low sugar smoothie

I wanted to share these low sugar smoothie hacks because smoothies can be deceiving. Although they might look and sound healthy, the sheer amount of fruit added to some of them results in sky...
How to beat jet lag

How to beat jet lag and fly like a pro

As a person who travels often, I have spent numerous hours on long haul flights. I love travelling, but jet lag from lengthy plane trips across multiple time zones can really mess with your...
Why you may be eating more protein than you think

Why you may be eating more protein than you think

We all know that animal products like meat, fish and eggs provide protein. But what about protein in plant foods such as vegetables? Protein powders can be a handy way to increase your protein intake....
Avoiding germs at the gym

Avoiding hidden germs at the gym

We all know that gyms aren’t the most sterile places. Even when a gym invests a lot of time and effort into cleaning, hidden germs appear due to the sheer volume of sweaty people...
Stretching for mobility

Flexibility: Three types of stretching for mobility

Stretching is one of those things that can be a pain and easy to neglect. Before your workout, it’s tempting to turn up and launch straight into it. Afterwards, you just want to go...
Circuit training benefits

Circuit training benefits

When I’m not training Muay Thai, I usually go to a gym that offers circuit training. There are so many gyms and fitness studios offering circuits these days. They may be offered under different...
Pre workout coffee

Pre workout coffee…good or bad?

If there is one thing that I need before training, it’s a black pre workout coffee. I’ve been doing it for years and honestly feel like it helps me go that little bit harder....
How to make your own clean protein bars

How to make your own clean protein bars

It's hard to argue with the convenience of a clean protein bar for a post-workout hit of protein. However, so many commercial varieties sold in stores come with a host of undesirable ingredients. Cheap...

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